Welcome To Season 2020


Colts Clubhouse, Tuesday 13 October, 7.30pm.

All teams need a representative to attend please. 


Girls teams as follows:
Under 9:
Coach: Rearne Goodwin
Sophie Baker
Luella Carneiro
Zoe Hunter
Rose May
Maple Reddy
Skeeter Reddy
Hayley Webb
Emma Hardy
India Maher
Charlize Parker

Under 10 Girls – please note that two girls will be regraded from the 10 Blue to the 10 Pink once training commences. Representatives of the Grading committee will attend training to work to finalise the teams in consultation with the coaches.

Under 10 Pink:
Coach: Ryan Krepp

Maya Bower
Tilly Fuz
Eve Hooper
Christina Ioakim
Sadie Krepp
Cyrus Nikora
Mila McKenzie
Harlee Sinclair
(Two to be added)

Under 10 Blue:
Coach: TBC

Honor Bruzgulis
Ella Eisenhuth
Madison Hardy
Isabella Heraghty
Talor McMahon
Olivia Wilbers
Grace Hikila
Sophia Kirovski
Jemma Klinkert
Aiza Rashid
Amber Robinson
Folau Tonga

Under 12 Pink:
Coach: Damien Bower/Alan Hooper

Olivia Anderson
Indii Bower
Remy Harmer
Grace Hooper
Chloe Kedwell;
Jemima Krepp
Isabella Maher
Tahlia Sinclair
Aaliyah Taylor

Under 12 Blue:
Coach: TBC

Ciara Elwing
Jemma Frith
Ruby Parker
Emma Feehan
Sarah Hardy
Miriam Hikila
Kaitlyn Lewis
Taylor Spence
Cecilia Tonga

Under 13s
Coach: Warwick Sainsbury

Hannah Alkoudmani
Heidi Burton
Aleisha Gaddes
Chelsea Gilchrist
Lara Grimaldi
Kathleen Hardy
Ashleigh Purcell
Kiera Sainsbury
Caitlyn Sprod
Sophie Stark
Daniela Stavrou
Abbey Pope

Under. 14s:
Coach: Daniel Saumaitoga

Lexie Adly
Angelina Dib
Stephanie Boon
Bella-Rose Franklin
Georgia John
Ruby Lindsay
Ava Lopez
Maeghan McGrath
Kiana Naitaka
Jessie O’Connor
Zali Rossiter
Talena Saumaitoga
Isabella Strine
Harper Spiros
Mia Thomas
Kayla Tran

Hope you all have a great season

Under 9s teams as follows:

9A – Coach: Warwick Sainsbury

Ethan Goaley
Hayden Sainsbury
George Azar
Caleb Hubbard
Jackson Goss
Peter Ibrahim
Harrison Wongoemar
Jeremy Raven
Rock Reddy
Lucas Roberts

9B – Coach: Andrew Lynch

Chace Hodgson-Tan
James Machej
Michael Earle
Charlie Whitley
Oscar Petrovski
Jamie Aekins
Ben Dobson
Ethan Price
Joshua Lynch
Jacob Patterson
Jacob Walton
Ayden Hazelman

Under 10s teams as follows: Please note members of the grading committee will be attending training and working with the coaches to determine one player who will be selected to move from the Bs to the As prior to the season commencing:
10A’s – Coach: Assim Bachir

Adam Bachir
Isaac Lawrence
Jacob May
Antonio Azzi
Zac Linquist
Lachlan Maher
Jake Patterson
Ali Bachir
Jet Desiderato
Lachlan Motupuaka

10B’s – Coach: Shaun Baddock

Jordan Baddock
Rihanna Delimitros
Anthony Francis
Will Johnston
Zander Ngaronoa
Marley-Toto Turner
Brodie Hinschin-Roth
Andrew Orton
Taylan Cameron
Sacha Prugovecki
Ethan Smithurst
Noah Patruno
Zar Murupaenga

Under 11’s

11A’s – Coach: Dean Sprios

Takahi King
Marcus Hammoud
Jye Lopez
Alex Carioli
Jake Bamford
Noah Patterson
Michael Aekins
Andrew Young
Rhyder Barbara
Joshua Sabbagh
Morrisey Spiros

11B’s – Coach – Darren Elliott

Mason Goaley
Ben Hartley
Austin Lewis
Cameron Strine
Ashton Elliott
Harry Youssef
Zane Wallis
Miller Ball
Raphael Sidd
Lotu Hikila

Under 12’s

12A’s – Coach: Danny Azar

Tom Beattie
Gamal El-sayed
Ryan Gleeson
Joel Mazzone
Cayde Herbert
Orlando Garcia
Cooper McMahon
Tom Stepic
Scott Beattie
Christian Delimitros
Ethan Baker
Peter Veleski
Daniel Maric
Kassidy Kilpatrick

12B’s – Coach: Mark Mavrick

Aaron Hikila
Levi Zacaropoulos
Andrew Monk
Cooper Malloy
Koby Chandler
Ali Ayoubi
Rayaan Rashid
Cooper Anderson
Rhyder Dalton
Rory Tyler
Paris Mavrick
Edward Alford
Zane Martin
Lotu Hikila

Under 13’s

13A’s – Coach: Ben Bruzgulis

Mitchell Coupland
Sam Roberts
Blake Mollica
Bronson Homsy
Archie Chasle
Isaac Dawson
Jack Warr
Sione Hikila
Thomas Smithurst
Kade Payne
Blake Bruzgulis
Max Decelis
Ethan Lofts
Kai Crawley
Kye Prestwidge
William Ross
Marcus Wongoemar

13B’s – Coach: John Sweeting/Ross Stanford

Nate Murupaenga
Jake Khoury
Troy Clark
Riley McKinnon
Lynndon Barbara
Zachary Sidd
Elias Saliba
Angus Apolony
Tom Pascoe-Stanford
Zac Bamford
Jack Robinson
Ethan Robinson
Regan O’Brien-Smillie
Ashton Ball
Liam Elwing
Nicolas Bastas
Luca Nicaj
Jye Desiderato

Good luck to all players for the year ahead


Gather your friends and book in early for the Colts social events. This is where life long friends are made and the Colts have lined up a big 2020 on and off the field!




Register for the 2020 season online now, follow the video below for instructions on the new online registration system, we will also have a day at the marketplace and clubhouse to give any assistance you may need.  

Get your friends and family and join the mighty Colts, Boys & Girls welcome in both Rugby League and Girls League Tag for a non-contact option.



If you are a coach, trainer, manager or any other official volunteer, please register here



The Colts are looking for players turning 10&11 this year to play in our U11 Girls Touch League side. Games are played on Sunday mornings and are a non-contact version of the sport.

Please contact Ryan Krepp on 0414 548 958 if you are interested



Shop 10, 62-70 Allison Crescent, Menai,

(02) 9543 0770


[email protected]

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2020 Sponsors

News and Info


    Welcome to ONEAGENCY MENAI The Aquinas Colts would like to acknowledge the support from our major sponsor ONEAGENCY MENAI Each week we will be listing a ONEAGENCY MENAI property of the week.  Click on the link in NEWS and INFO to see the posting.

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  • BBQ and Canteen Roster

    All Colts teams who are playing at Blaxland Oval this weekend, please check the BBQ and Canteen Roster for when your team is allocated to help. Teams are required to supply a minimum of 4 volunteers. 2 for BBQ and 2 for Canteen. Please have your selected team volunteers ready to help 1 Hour prior to your game.  

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  • Weekly Draw

    click on this link to see the draw.       

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  • Club Meetings

    Next meeting to be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 13 October at the Clubhouse.
    Each team needs a representative to attend, please. All are welcome.

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  • Dates for your Diary


    Sunday, 1 March and Wednesday, 4 March.


    Monthly Meeting. Clubhouse 7:30pm

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