Coaching at The Colts

We value all of the amazing people who volunteer and invest their time into our club, our teams and our players. 

Specifically, our coaches, managers and trainers can make life-changing impact on futures of the young men and women who play with our club.

At the Colts, we aim to create a club and team culture that allows each player to build friendships, play with respect and fairness, and develop footballing and life skills along the way.


As a coach and parent, we aim to create a playing and community culture that increases participation and helps keep the playing environment for our teams, officials and the opposition clubs. 

Community - We create an environment that is inclusive and welcoming.

Fairness - We play hard, but we play fair. We ensure all players are able to contribute to the team in a meaningful way. 

Development - We make all efforts to develop group comradery, skills, confidence & sportsmanship while cultivating an environment of enjoyment.

Being Your Best - In any role you play, find the way you can be at your best. Put everything you can into what you do, and the rest will look after itself.


All parents seek the best experience and environment for their child, especially in the participation of team sport. As we all know, every child is different with unique strengths, personalities, experiences and preferences.

It is important for parents to remember that the coach is working with a complicated set of needs across a team, trying to create an environment that works as best as possible for everyone.

To help the coach do their best:

a) Expect fairness across the team, not simply the preferences you have for your child.

b) Respect that the coach is human, and they might make mistakes.

c) Support the coach by working with the principles, game plans or team culture the coach and players are creating. 

d) Seek first to understand before venting frustrations. It is best to resolve issues rather than making them worse.

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