Girls Rugby League (Tackle + Tag)

The Colts have been leading the way in the growth of women's rugby league in the Sutherland Shire.

We first introduced 'girls' into the game in 2016 through the League Touch competition which then migrated to Girls League Tag in 2018. The club has rapidly grown female participation with teams across the spectrum of competition age groups and over 120 players.

In 2023, in addition to League Tag, we are introducing a Girls League Tackle team. This is another step in the direction of growing the game and our passion for female participation.


Girls Tackle is coming in 2023!

The Aquinas Colts will be running a 4 week Transition to Tackle Program for girls 10 years and up. Starting weekday afternoons, early March and will run for 4 weeks.

This program is designed by the NRL and run by professional qualified coaching staff. It’s designed to start the girls off with the basics and essentials of contact football, and give them the foundations to safely learn and develop their tackle skills and techniques.

We are excited about this great opportunity and look forward to a great season!

The Program Fee will be credited against any players that register and play girls tackle football for The Aquinas Colts.


As a coach and parent, we aim to create a playing and community culture that increases participation and helps keep the playing environment for our teams, officials and the opposition clubs. 

Community - We create an environment that is inclusive and welcoming.

Fairness - We play hard, but we play fair. We ensure all players are able to contribute to the team in a meaningful way. 

Development - We make all efforts to develop group comradery, skills, confidence & sportsmanship while cultivating an environment of enjoyment.

Being Your Best - In any role you play, find the way you can be at your best. Put everything you can into what you do, and the rest will look after itself.

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